What is Xpert Eleven?
Xpert Eleven is a football manager game where you manage a fictitious football team. The thought behind the game is that you compete with your friends in a league that you create yourselves. You manage your team/teams in good times as well as bad. Your tasks consist of selecting your team and working out some cunning tactical moves.
How much does it cost to play Xpert Eleven?
It is completely free to play Xpert Eleven.
How do I become a member?
You will receive an email after registering. In this email you will find a hyperlink which you must click on to activate your user account. You will be able to log on to the site and start playing once you have activated your user account.
I am registered at Xpert Eleven, but I have not been given a team. What is wrong?
You do not get any team at Xpert Eleven just by registering. You get a team when you join a league or when you create your own league.
Is there no large league for everybody?
You can join one of our Xpert leagues. The Xpert leagues are larger leagues that we at Xpert Eleven control and support. They are open to everyone who wants to compete against other managers here at Xpert Eleven. All teams winning an Xpert league qualify for the Xpert Champions League as well as cup winners in an Xpert league. The winner of the Xpert Champions League is forever remembered in the Xpert Eleven Hall Of Fame.
Another person who uses this computer also wants to join X11. Is this allowed?
Multiple people can use the same computer and/or IP address without a problem. However, each person must have his/her own account and use their own email to sign up.

Having more than one user account is considered cheating. Such people will be found and banned.

Similarly, it is not allowed to log in to someone else's account for any reason.

So, for example, you and your sister can both have accounts, but you must each set your own account up and each person must be the only person to log into their own account. Don't log in to your sister's account ever for any reason, and don't let her log into yours, and everything will be fine.
Is it OK to use a different computer to log in from?
It is just fine to use more than one computer to log in from as long as you follow the basic rules of never using anyone else's account, never allowing anyone else to use your account, and only having one account.
I'm getting a lot of error pages on Xpert Eleven. Why?
The majority of errors that occur on Xpert Eleven are due to cache issues in the web browser. If you are having problems then please try deleting the browsers cache:

In Internet Explorer
tools/internet options. Click on "Delete files".

In Firefox
tools/options/secrecy. Click on "Delete cache".

In Opera
tools/options/advanced. Click on "Empty cache".

In Netscape
tools/options/privacy. Click on "Clear cache".

Also make sure that your browser in the future does not cache internet pages too hard, in most browsers the cache settings should be on automatic. Consult your browser's help information about cache issues if needed.
Why can I not view "The Game?"
Here are three tips that should correct your problem:

1): You need to update the flash player to a later version.
2: Your web browser or some security software are block pop-up windows
Try holding down Ctrl while clicking on the link. That works sometimes. If that doesn't work you will have to change the settings for the browser or software that are blocking pop-up windows.
Where can I find tips and tricks about the game in order to be more succesful in the game?
The rules only contain the basics about the game. If you want more guidance then we recommend you check out the forums. Especially the thread "Useful links and information about the game" in the Xpert forum is a good place to start as it gathers a lot of the best sources for information found.
When I log in to my team the mail, league log and economy is hidden. Why is that?
Yes, it can be hidden if you recently played a game that you have not been able to watch yet. In these cases we hide these areas so that the user shouldn´t see information about the game that he doesn´t want to see before he watched the game himself. As soon as you check the game report or The Game, you will be able to see all areas again.
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