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How do I get people to join a league I created?
The easiest way to get members for a league you created is to recruit friends you know in real life or people you know from other internet sites. For example, you can get a league together of your mates from school, or perhaps a group of fans from a football club's forums would like to join together and create a league.

You can also try to recruit on X11, but this is allowed only in one forum. Look for the League Contacts forum and post a message there. Read the rules in that forum before posting.

Posting in any other forum or using the X11 site mail system to send league invitations is not allowed. You will get penalty points for doing this.

When getting someone to join your league, they will need the league id to plug into the search function on this site. You can find the league id on your league info page for your league or in the email sent to your email address when you started your league.
I created a league but can't get enough members and don't want it anymore. How do I delete it?
Leagues that do not have at least 6 teams will automatically be deleted after 3 weeks. You may be able to delete your league before this by going to your league's League Settings page and selecting "Terminate League." If that option is not available, you will have to wait to get rid of your league.

If your league was automatically deleted after 3 weeks, you will be able to create a new league. If you terminated your league, you will still have to wait 3 weeks from the time you originally created that league before you will be able to create a new league.
Our league admin has been banned, how can we continue?
If a league admin has been banned, then anyone in the league with sufficient league quota can take over as league admin. This can be done through a button on the league's league info page. This button becomes visible 1 week after the banned league admin last visited his team.
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