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I can't log on to Xpert Eleven. Why?
If you can't log on to Xpert Eleven and you don't get any error message then the cause is probably that your web browser doesn't allow cookies. To be able to log on to Xpert Eleven your web browser must allow cookies. You may also have a security software installed (eg Norton Internet Security) that blocks cookies.

If you get an error message that you are entering wrong password or user name although you feel you are entering the correct login details. Then please check "Caps lock" and make sure it isn't enabled.
How does the manager skill work?

Lets say you play only one match per month and you received these grades

April: 10
May: 5
June: 4
July: 8
August: 8
September: 6

This means that you would have a manager skill of 41 (10+5+4+8+8+6=41)

But only the performances the past 6 months count. So in October you will play another match and get a new grade but the grade for April will expire.

Lets say your grade for the match in October will be 6.

Then your manager skill after this will be 37 (5+4+8+8+6+6=37)

In this example your manager skill would decrease.

To increase your manager skill in October you would need to do a performance greater than 10 which was your grade of the performance in April which will expire in October.
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