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Do players gain or lose special qualities?
In general, players do not gain special qualities and players never lose special qualities.

One exception is the red heart and gold heart qualities, which players may gain after a certain period of time or number of matches played with the team. Read more about these special qualities in the rules. Click here

Another exception is when the creators of the site decide to implement a new special quality that didn't previously exist. In this case, the newly created special quality will be randomly distributed among existing players.
Why isn't the player I bought as skilled as the agent said?
Not all agents are trustworthy. Some always tell you the right skill before you buy, but others sometimes tell you correctly, sometimes inflate the skill and even rarely underestimate the skill.

You can be sure of the player's skill if you pay for an evaluation.

Also, after some trial and error, you should figure out which agents are reliable. Once you know for sure which agents are reliable, you can buy from them knowing that the players will be the skill the agent reported. But remember that sometimes the incorrect agents can give you a good deal if they've underestimated a player.

Each manager must figure out the reliable agents on his or her own. Discussion of agents by name is not allowed in the forums.
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