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Best (2012-07-30)

Current  2871 of 12057  592 of 1776
Best  130 (2012-07-30)

Man who goes to bed with itchy arse, wakes up with smelly finger!!


The Dream League:
Won Division 8:53 season 15
Won Division 7:50 season 17
Won Division 5:12 season 25
Won Division 4f season 26
Won Division 2b season 33
Won Division 4h season 39
Won Division 4h season 45
Won Division 5:18 season 58

Xpert Ladies:

World Select:
Won Select Championship season 55

Veterans League:
Won Veterans Div. 5 season 32
Won Veterans Div. 3a season 33
Won Veterans Div. 2b season 34
Won Veterans Div. 1b season 35
Won Veterans Div. 4b season 53
Won Veterans Div. 3a season 55
Won Veterans Div. 2b season 56
Team of the month - June 2017

LCL Premier League:
Won League 3b season 50

Xtra Community League:
Won Ligue Un 4 season 63

Xpert Zone:
Won Comfort Zone D season 61

The XL VIP League:
Won XL 2b season 23
Won XL 2c season 25
Won XL 2c season 28
Won XL 1 season 32
Won XL 2 season 45
Won XL 3 season 58
Won XL 2 season 60
Won XL 3 season 77
Won XL Premiership season 86
Won XL Premiership season 87
Won XL League V.I.P. Cup season 25
Won XL League VIP Cup season 46
Team of the month - October 2013
Team of the month - February 2014
Team of the month - March 2017
Team of the month - November 2020
Team of the month - May 2021
Team of the month - June 2021
Manager of the year - Season 87

Xpert Alliance:
Won Mangos Premier League season 4
Won Kylies Sweaty Gusset Conference 1 season 7
Won Mango Division 1 season 9
Won Mango Premier League season 15
Won Kylies Sweaty Gusset Conference 1 season 19
Won Alliance Division 1 season 32
Won Alliance Division 3 season 59

The Chaos Cartel:
Won Acolytes of Anarchy season 86
Won Ministers of Mischief season 79
Won Tyrants of Turmoil season 78

The VIP Glory Leaague:
Won VIP Glory Cup season 10
Won Division 1 season 12
Team of the month - February 2022

The J4GL:
Won J4G Division 2a season 35
Won J4GL Division 1c season 36
Won J4GL Division 1a season 40
Won Glasser Champ B season 42
Won J4GL Division 1c season 47
Won Heppenstall Champ A season 49
Won J4GL Division 2a season 60

Wii League:
Won Allstar Championship season 49
Won Allstar Championship season 51
Won Spring Cup 2022 season 60
Team of the month - December 2020

The British Football League:
Won Conference Premier season 22
Won League Two season 25
Won League One season 36

Best: (World) 130 (2012-07-30)
Official teams

Deacon Blues
Serie:Division 3e
Placed:1st out of 8


Kingpin Girls
Serie:Division 5:20
Placed:5th out of 8


Teams in private leagues
Blue Foxes
World Select (Coozie)
Boddington Town
Veterans League (SidtheSexist13)
Buffalo Soljer FC
LCL Premier League (Stevebarfoot)
Corrie Rovers
Xtra Community L... (Gmcholland)
Filbo Blues
Xpert Zone (CPI_46)
Harborough Foxes
XL League VIP (Tommyit)
Jolly Boys
Xpert Alliance (Tommyit)
Jonte FC
The Chaos Cartel (Tommy_wafc)
Leicester Legends
VIP Glory League (Blackmagic1965)
Loubies Lobsters
The J4GL (RichardSP)
Pittsburgh Riverhounds
Wii League (Legendof88)
Queen of the South
The British Foot... (BigAl_9)

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