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Viking North Utsire
Division 1a, Ultimate League
Manager: VelvetAndroid
Deja vu defeat for Utsirans
It was a terrible case of deja vu for Viking North Utsire this Monday as they succumbed to a second late 3-2 defeat to AFC Brza in as many weeks, to start 2021 in exactly the same fashion they ended 2020.

One week earlier, Viking fell behind to a penalty, missed one of their own to go ahead straight after drawing level, fought back after a second deficit with six minutes to go only to lose to a 91st-minute header from Alfredo Gibellini.

This time, the Utsirans fell behind to a 9th-minute own goal from experienced midfielder Ingolf Kvalvik, the first of his 260-game career, then lost senior defender Gunnar Kvalvik to an 11th minute injury -- but remarkably equalised through Haakon Austrheim just quarter of an hour into his return from a horror injury early last month.

Mere minutes later they were behind again, but young forward Conrad Austrheim's first league goal in three seasons (since when he has scored 14 in the cup) hauled them back on terms at the break.

The second half however was all Brza, and with grim inevitability wunderkind midfielder Gibellini struck in the 90th minute to again snatch all three points for his side. It was the 7th goal of term for the 20-year-old, who could become one of the biggest stars in the game if he continues his current trajectory.

VNU's trajectory, meanwhile, is downwards. This second setback sees them fall below Brza to 5th in Division 1a, four points off the playoff slot and just a point above the next two teams down -- one of whom, Deadly Girls of Brasil, are the next league visitors at Dogger Bank.

In the meantime however, a hugely difficult fifth-round Ultimate League Cup tie against former winners Rockerbocker is very likely to spell the end of the road for the Norsemen in that competition this Friday.

2021-01-09 19:42 642 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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