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Xpert leagues

The Xpert Leagues are our official championships at Xpert Eleven. The champions from the Xpert leagues will qualify for the Xpert Champions League where they will fight for the ultimate title. The winner of the Xpert Champions League will get a place in the Hall Of Fame.
League nameLeague adminStatusNo. teamsVacancies
Final League Carlos06 Season final 1016 605 (Queued: 0)
Xpert League Bohemia Prag Season final 1016 562 (Queued: 0)
Power League Tommy_wafc Season final 1016 659 (Queued: 0)
Hattrick League Matusalemic Season final 1016 699 (Queued: 0)
Classic League Daisy_D Season final 1016 624 (Queued: 0)
Master League Prometson Season ongoing 1016 278 (Queued: 0)
Dream League Sommers Season ongoing 1016 217 (Queued: 0)
Euro League Kerrmet Season ongoing 1016 267 (Queued: 0)
Xpert International wayne Season ongoing 1016 233 (Queued: 0)
Pro League Se7enman Season ongoing 1016 85 (Queued: 0)
Super League Powerbaselx Season ongoing 1016 15 (Queued: 0)
Major League panxxx Season ongoing 1016 0 (Queued: 0)
Ultimate League CricketRulz Season ongoing 1016 0 (Queued: 0)
League Of Champs Lampertron Season ongoing 1016 0 (Queued: 0)
Xtreme League Luftpastejen Season ongoing 1016 0 (Queued: 0)
Golden League Alchimistul Season ongoing 1016 0 (Queued: 0)

Xpert Ladies

The official championship for women's teams here at Xpert Eleven is called "The Xpert Ladies". This league is just as prestigious as the Xpert Leagues. The manager and team that wins The Xpert Ladies will also receive a place in the Hall Of Fame. You can join the Xpert Ladies in addition to an Xpert League team, using one of your private league slots.
League nameLeague adminStatusNo. teamsVacancies
The Xpert Ladies wayne Season ongoing 1016 49 (Queued: 0)
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