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Revealed: tips on how to be a good player

Back for good, but now what?
The American journeyman returns! But can Windy City stop his feet from getting cold..?

Resignations: when to say "I am done"
X11 is not just a game, it's a job, which begs the question, when can you say you are you really done?

Can't teach an old dog...
Big changes for DinhoLocos but will the new look stick?

Messrs Onym and Thyme
Referees, love them or hate them, the game can't go on without them.
2015-07-14 22:17 No Rugrats..?
2015-06-23 21:37 Judging Managers
2015-06-17 21:18 Judging tactical decisions
2015-06-15 23:55 CHAMPIONS!!!!!
2015-06-10 17:12 Brazil trounced as UAO hit six!
2015-06-01 21:32 New supporting midfielder!
2015-05-15 17:29 Tears of an Xpert Eleven manager
2015-05-13 21:45 Champions!
2015-05-10 13:22 "The Match of the Century"
2015-05-04 18:17 Back after going AWOL!
2015-04-26 01:36 Gun Crime getting into their stride
2015-04-23 23:50 Eikel Fans in Xpert Arena Delay Chaos
2015-04-21 22:44 Stiinta Balances on Highwire
2015-04-06 15:06 New to all this
2015-04-05 10:44 Murray prefers veterans in the market
2015-03-26 17:46 Girls Down Under under new MANagement
2015-03-24 20:03 Part 4 | The AntiChrists wins XCL
2015-03-22 15:04 Defies belief! It really defies belief
2015-03-09 12:02 Out of the Abyss and into the Light
2015-03-04 17:50 Me, Myself and the Powerpuff Girls
2015-02-27 21:32 First cup title delivered
2015-02-27 00:50 EX6, Game 217
2015-02-26 12:03 Regrets..Yes I have a few
2015-02-22 22:53 Top Flight Here We Come

DF United on the hunt for a big cat
Former Xtreme League champions DF United go in for the kill on Smoke Jaguars

Curse of the X-Int League Winners
With the past Xpert International League winners playing youths and relegated, The Ramones claim a historic double winning the X-Int League and Cup

Rise of the Glorious Bastards
Glorious Bastards announce themsleves as a major force in X11 by reaching the XCL final and leading the Ultimate League in their 1st top flight season

New kids on the block.
Two teams from division 1 begin their bid to usurp the long reigning SparkaSpring.

End of an Era for the Euro League?
With new clubs claiming the Euro League and Cup and with Sine Fine and Proleter relegated, could this be the start of a new era for the Euro League?

Xpert Champions League XLI
The 41st season of Xpert Champions League has been drawn.

Tin Man finds a heart
S.C.P. Odivelas fall short again as Tin Man hold on to claim Dream League title

XCL XL Final
In a week of major Xpert headlines, it was left to one of the game's "nice men" to clinch Xpert's greatest prize after a thrilling final!

Say Aye Tae A Pie
Papabear's Pie Eaters stave off the competition to land the Classic League title and two top flight sides battle it out to get their hands on the cup

The Unbeatables
Unbeaten in the Cup and the League, who is dominating the Master League?
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