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Heeds v the system
Heeds went into the last game of the season still with a chance of winning the league, exciting stuff eh? nah not really. I knew it wasn't going to happen so it really didn't matter. It was obvious what the system was doing and i said so weeks ago. So this is my final rant on the subject.

We went into the final match a forward and defender down but hoped Blobs cup victory would mean he'd take his eye off our game, it didn't turn out that way. It was a 0-0 draw. Censaduros also drew 0-0. But the system gave us a disallowed goal in our game. if the goal had just been allowed to stand! lmao. I gotta admit, i did burst out laughing when i seen that little disallowed goal on our match report. nice touch system, nice touch.

But the damage was done weeks ago with the weird results. lets set the scene.

Heeds are sitting on 22 points, Censurados on 16. There's only 5 games left. Realistically we need two wins for the title. Maybe even just 1 as there's no way they are going 5 games without losing, 5 games without conceding. And we've already played each other twice, so theres no "6 pointers" available to them. Oh and Heeds goal difference was much better.

We've just played Censurados for the second time this season, picking up a draw away, after taking all 3 from them at home. We had a disallowed goal in the away game that would've won us the game if it wasn't disallowed. keep that in mind because its a running theme.

Anyway our biggest threat can now no longer directly influence us. And there's no "guaranteed" 3 pointers with the other teams either this season for them.

So we go into the next weeks games. We play Serrinha Academy. A good team. But i noticed something that made me happy, aye me, happy, what? Anyway, i noticed their top goalkeeper was out. they had to play a 5 skilled youth player. this is while they are up against the team currently running away with the league who have scored in every league game so far.

So we ran amok in that game right? Don't be daft, for the first game we couldn't score to save our lifes. We lost, 1-0. because of course we did.

Censurados meanwhile picked up a win, without conceeding a goal. but don't worry that won't last. that would be too obvious.

The next weekend we won 4-0. i thought well maybe it was just one weekend that they were gonna claw us back, we weren't good enough for like a 10 point lead and the system would get stick, quite rightly, off the other managers if we'd won by that margin. but looking at it now maybe they just thought it would be too obvious. if we'd got beat this game too even the Censurados manager would've been calling for the title to be given to us.

Censurados won too of course this weekend, without conceding a goal, because of course.

The next weekend the system got back to treating me like my name was freja and i had just whispered in its ear to treat me like a $%%&£. the most frustrating of all the results, a 1-1 draw with Morrowind. This one really annoyed me more than even the 5 skilled youth keeper, because i had set it up just about perfectly. We nailed their playmaker, their formation, their attacking set up, their defensive set up, everything. That with better players and better form should have pointed to a dominant win for us. But of course it didn't.

Censurados meanwhile, well have you not been keeping up? they won of course, without conceding a goal of course.

Then last weekend, we come up against Red Star Belgrade 1991. They were sitting at the bottom of the league at the time and our team is much better, our form was better. Their manager can set up a team well, but we dominated on possession and chances. But still managed to drop points. We had another disallowed goal. its like the systems saying 'yeah you should've won, but you dropped points because of this disallowed goal, it was just luck, honest!'

Censurados, how did they get on? eh oh that's right, they won, without conceding a goal. This game they even played a weakened defence. because why not, if i was them i'd go raid the local old folks home and put a back line of beatriz, maria, ines and matilde. hes still not going to concede.

Then the last weekend. As discussed above it was a 0-0 draw. but again the system gave us that disallowed goal. aye very good.

Censurados meanwhile, wait didn't win? ah the troll! it didn't matter by then! beatriz and the gang were unavailable but he still played a weakened defence again, why not,they weren't going to concede anyway. plus got another defender injured in the first minute that played on. plus brought on a fringe player in the 60th minute in the last game where you're supposed to be fighting for the title. its as if he knew the title was in the bag.

We've lost the title on goal difference before, so this wasn't even the closest. But its by far the most annoying, knowing we were so far in front but were powerless to stop the system turning it around, and making is so obvious. the time we lost the title on goal difference felt fair, this just stinks.

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