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Phoenix Flare
Golden League, Golden League
Manager: PhoenixIre
Phoenix Rhapsody
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?...

7 long years since Ire and his club Phoenix Flare have spoken with the media, dreams were made, dreams were broken and dreams were destroyed. Yet Ire continued on ever loyal to his one club 8 years and counting as the manager but why now you ask ?

Ire flirted with mild success in season 38 making a quarter final appearance in the cup and 9 seasons later making a last 16 appearance too yet the holy grail was top flight football. Season 36 saw Ire take the club into the division below the top flight but season 37 saw the club come crashing back down finishing last in 8th place. Most managers would probably give up and find a new club but not Ire he looked at his much loved club and new dreams were forged in the ashes of the squad. 

On a budget and relegation odds on Ire had to dig deep to find motivation he described it like salmon swimming up stream in a world where managers were leaving left right and centre. The landscape crumbling away with entire league divisions vanishing before his eyes, ghost managers haunting his dreams. Even in the depths of rock bottom he never gave up, season 42 saw the dawn of a false hope the clubs first promotion since dropping down only to fall down again. Then like a true phoenix from the ashes the club bounced back up once more and this time as division winners, a theme mirrored in all but one step back up the ladder that being a play off victory from division 3 to 2. Season 47 almost saw the end of the run for Ire and co but once again Ire guided the club right back storming division 5 in season 48 as division winners once more. 

Season 54 has finally arrived and so too have Phoenix Flare in the big time with the big boys, on paper it looks like a daunting task but Ire knows all too well his rivals think Phoenix Flare are not in the Golden League on merit. Ire has built a side that can win and the club boasts a few faces others would love to get their hands on and recruit a sign just how far the club has come in 8 years under Ire. Amazingly Ire also agreed to speak with us and give his insight into what has been one hell of a journey...

"It might be unlucky for some but after 8 years i have 13 division titles and proudly point out that i am not a flaky team hopping light weight. Through thick and thin i have stuck by the club logging in some days only to remind myself i am human after all, i play the honest game and proudly make up the numbers for the Golden League. My players are willing to give me everything they have this season as we face some big sides the likes we have once faced in the past in terms power and sighed knowing our fate, this season we will defy fate and set our own course amongst the games elite for making it this far is no small feat. Golden League sure does sound... posh, not a bad place to be at all for a half arsed manager not bad at all..."

2020-08-15 10:08 1777 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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