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Harris Utd
Division 5:21, Ultimate League
Manager: Harris4Ips
New beginnings for Harris Utd
Formerly known as Borrussia Dortmund, the takeover has been completed by Ashley Harris. New to the Xpert Eleven Ultimate League Division 5:16, Harris will be eager to see his new inherited team off to a good start by making sure his manager has tactical nous and can mix it with the other managers.

The squad inherited on first impressions seems to be of very good standard, certainly better than the current position of 4th. With 6 games remaining and Harris Utd only 6 points off the top spot, promotion in Harris' 1st season should be the minimal expectations given the skill advantage they have over the other teams in the division.

Harris is quoted as saying
 "I am very excited and proud to have taken over my 1st football club in the Ultimate League. The squad we have inherited here at Harris Utd is of a very good standard which means we have high expectations already. The manager who will be taking charge of this squad will be someone who wants to play aggressively, on the front foot and a short passing game.

"I would also like to stress the importance of bringing through our very own players through a youth academy I will be looking to improve as much as I can as soon as I can. Once a manager has been found who is of the ilk we desire we shall let you know as soon as possible.

"In the mean time I will be taking charge of the team. We are in no rush to secure our 1st manager of this football club, we want it to be carefully considered to make sure their ambition and vision matches ours here at Harris Utd.

"Thank you for your time, now I have to get to work."

Well, a very exciting 1st press conference by the new owner of the club now known Harris Utd. We look forward to seeing who he brings in as his 1st manager.

2020-06-13 01:39 541 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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