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Presidente Prudente
Division 5:30, Final League
Manager: Pacific.Panache
"Not for sale" - Panache
Wanderers FC manager Pacific Panache has moved to douse speculation that his team are set to sell some of their promising young players at the end of the season.  

With the club looking increasingly likely to gain a second consecutive promotion this season, rumours have been swirling that Wanderers could unload some of their young players and use the funds to secure the services of veterans who would assist the club to survive in Division Five next season.  

Following the club's 5-0 win over Renoville FC (in which retiring striker Josele Javi bagged his second hat trick of the season to date), Panache was moved to deny the speculation, insisting the club would not be forced to sell any player it wanted to keep.

"There are always rumours like that around our club.  Because it's a relatively new club, people seem to insist that we're broke and have to sell to balance the books.  That is absolute rubbish.  True, we don't have hundreds of millions of econ in the bank, but we are in the black and gradually building.  We also have no plans to recruit veterans to keep us up in Division Five next season.  Okay, Josele is retiring and we will replace him, but that's the only change we need to make.

"If we do sell any of our younger players, it will only be because we have someone better coming through to replace them."

The "someone better" Panache was referring to may be highly-rated youth product Jesse Hayward, who signed senior forms this week.  

Wanderers' next match sees them travel to M.B. TEAM Zenica, where they will attempt to maintain their 100% start to the season.

2017-11-01 23:35 1730 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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