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FC Tyson Fury
Division 4b, Final League
Manager: Jeymen
Eager to get the ball rolling
Sporting Afriqué, formerly known as Club dè Africañs, will host unmanaged side - Spinola Bay - in the first round of the fiftieth season of Final League.

The team were unstable in their performances last season and found themselves scraping the bottom of the table. Sporting ended up relegated to a lower division, Division 5:29, from Division 5.28. They are some decent sides in the division that will also be fighting for the trophy, so we hope Sporting Afriqué can maintain their balance and must show consistency and fighting spirit if they intend to conquer the habitat.

The first game shouldn't be a problem for Sporting but that does not mean they should be complacent or reckless. It is an opportunity for the team to get off to a good start and probably get enough goals to lead by goal difference.
The confidence of the players will be proliferated and if they can maintain the good start then they stand a huge chance of getting the medal.

The head coach was at the pre-game press conference today and gave the fans hope with promises of a better season from last time out. The supporters of Sporting Afriqué are also concerned with replacements for two of their retiring veterans, Michael Björkholm and Roman Bregerie, who are 35 and 36 respectively and both players will be a heavy loss for the team.

He said; "we did well in the preseason and have successfully overstand our fears. We are going to be a much better side this time around."

About the players retiring he said; "both players will be a heavy loss and we will look to recompense them for the contributions they made to keep this team afloat. They've both made their decisions for personal reasons and we have to respect that. We will now observe players from all the top leagues before deciding to make a bid for their replacement."

2017-10-04 23:04 2101 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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