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Bromis admits: Not good enough
A choking silence fell over Fortuna Killepitsch. Everyone held their breath. The ones who read the morning paper while eating breakfast dropped their spoons, sandwiches or cups of tea and coffee. They didn't notice however, all their brain activity at this stage were directed to the article in the paper they all of a sudden held as tight as if to drop it would mean death. "Fortuna Killepitsch about to lose their manager", the headline read out. 

For a long time now, the Fortuna-supporters have on average been one of the happiest groups of people in Germany. Their football club has been most successful and given much joy to the fans, and every Fortuna fan agree that the most important person in this newfound golden age is the manager of their club. You can therefore understand that if only that man would pack his bags and take farewell, sadness wouldn't know its limits. Would tomorrow even exist?

But if we instead should focus on the manager himself, his motives and reasons behind this decision that causes so much hopelessness? What would he say? Maybe it's just a misunderstanding? Or a pure lie from the journalists?

"Yes it's true. I am in fact leaving Fortuna Killepitsch", the manager answered when the only question on everybody's mind was asked. The rain outside had not stopped the team from training this morning and Bromis, who sat upon the dais behind a microphone, was soaked to the bone. But still gave away a warm smile as he continued. "But I don't want you to be too worried just yet. I'm not leaving today, nor tomorrow, nor the day after. In my head, only the cup game and the preparations before it is circulating. I'm still 100% with Fortuna Killepitsch." 

On the question why he has made the decision to depart from Fortuna, Bromis took a deep breath and began. "It's not a sudden decision. I've been considering this move for a longer time, and what really tipped the scale over was the XCL exit last month. It's not the loss in itself though, nor the class of my squad, but the Golden League. Don't get me wrong, on one hand I love to compete in this league with these managers, but on the other hand I will never stand as XCL-champion as long as I'm managing a team in the Golden League." 

What Bromis meant was now clear for everyone. The unfavorable change report in Golden League had put his team in deep trouble just before the kick off of the first leg of the quarter final vs. Assault on Dark Athena. "If I continue in Fortuna, every time we reach that stage of the tournament it's a definite good bye. I simply can't see myself get past that hindrance. Against Assault on Dark Athena I had to field a team with an average form of 8. To just limit the score to 2-0 in the first leg against a stronger team with form 15-16 was more than I thought was possible, but of course it didn't matter. Our XCL adventure was over then and there, just as it always will be. I'm the first to admit that I'm not good enough to win at this level with that kind of form." 

 The last and only remaining question was now when he did plan to leave. A question where there isn't an accurate answer, Bromis told the gathered journalists. "I'm leaving when a club that matches my demands turns up in the Job Centre. If that means next week or next year, I cannot say. I'm not in a rush to leave and will make some seriuos considerations before deciding for another club. Surely I'll miss my good Golden League rivals, but hope to find the same kind of nice people wherever I'll end up."

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