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Manager: BonerVain
A legend stands down
There are several things we could celebrate as Elf now takes one step up in the league system. Finnigan gets the award for most points and most goals. Kenny, bought early this season for 500,000 econs, has the most assists in the league and plays the finest football of his entire career. And there is more. But they all stand in the shadow of one man. Actually an aging man. Who has decided to quit football after 20 memorable seasons.

Sven Mollerup. Our captain, our colossus. The legend. The man with the most matches in Elf's history. 293 in all. He was picked up from the academy in season 12 of Pro League, an anonymous 18 year old kid, 4 skilled. But he was smart as a light bulb and eager to train. His debut against Chelmsford United FC on the 16th of February 2009, 2-1 victory. We saw glimpses of greatness even then. A first team regular since August 2010. Decisive when the club began its climbing from 5th div to the top of the Pro League in seven seasons. The highlight of his career, when he could raise the trophy of the Pro League Cup victory in season 19 which resulted in another peak when he captained Elf in the Xpert Champions League XXVI.

Mollerup never turned the other cheek. He swept star strikers from distant countries and distant leagues as easily as he swept over women. A champion on the pitch, a tiger in the night. And foremost, a substantial man. When the club decided to make a clean-up and rebuild, Mollerup had the opportunity to find a new and better club and hunt for new trophies. But the ties were too strong. He put the team ahead of himself. And by this noble act, he became the core, the catalyst of the development of what appears to be the greatest generation ever seen in the history of Elf. This season, the climbing began anew. This season, our legend stands down.

His testimonial match was played today, with old heroes like Hårek Mørk, Emile Oudin and the club's very first captain Viggo Jernsletten starring on the pitch. No eye was dry as "The Mole" said his goodbyes. The club announced they put aside money to build a statue of Mollerup outside the North Pole Colloseum. A statue to inspire young Elf talents, a statue to bring fear and anguish to all away teams that will take on the coming generations of elves.

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