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Royal Eagles
Division 1a, Classic League
Manager: Philipmanu
5 Star Dramms drammed Benfica to Div 2
Today was a very historic day for the Dramms where they beat Benfica in a four goal match all scored by the Dramms. The manager was delighted with the five star performance and the Dramms deserved the win. Now the Dramms will make their dubut in div 2.

The Gaffer stated:

"It will be a tough league but we have the squad capable of competing in the league.It is shown today after we beat a good side in Benfica by four goals.I am very happy with my team.It is a great squad to have,there are experienced players and some young talents are coming into the team. The budget is good but we do not have to buy some players. There is competition for the starting eleven and the team is going forward."
It was the third title for philipmanu after 5 seasons in charge of the Dramms.He is a succesful maltese manager that is what the Dramms wanted.The Dramms are now waiting the new teams in div 2 after the play-offs.
It must also be noted that ygueve Esgog has reitired after six seasons at the Dramms.He was a legend for the Dramms and helped the Dramms to win three titles.

Philipmanu stated:

"It is a really big blow for us. He was the best the player by far for the Dramms.I did not expect him to retire but it was his decision and not mine. He has left and now someone has to fill his boots."

The Dramms were not very busy this season in the transfer market. The splashed out fifteen million for Cravolsa and got a bargain of 2.5 million for a really young talent that has an estimated valuue of nine million. Ygueve Esgog has left leaving place for some young talent to fill in his place.

Next Year the maneger philip will try to offload some players who are reaching their retiring point at a very bargain price.

All in all it was one of the toughest seasons for the Dramms. It was hard but The Dramms like it hard and competitve.They will be ready for any game that is ahead of them. BRING IT ON !!!

2010-04-05 02:56 825 Views Reporter: Doomonyouall

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