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Dream League, Dream League
Manager: King_Billy
You Never Win Anything With Kids
Glasgow Paingivers go into our last game of the season on sunday knowing a win could see us earn ourselves a play-off place to get back into division 1.

Its been a long time coming with our transition from our golden oldies team that at its peak only missed out on the Dream League title on goal difference to our young dream team. In recent seasons the old squad's age has told in key games where we would lose by the odd goal to teams we should have, both on skill and tactics, easily beaten.

I knew it was overdue to refresh the squad and over the last few seasons i've slowly replaced most of the starting 11 with quality 22-23 year olds. Its been a painful transition as we have slipped down the leagues and struggled to establish ourselves in divison 2 during the changeover.

Finishing 3rd last season and currently sitting in 3rd with one game to go this season is a deceptive record of our performance. We have never challenged for the title over the last few seasons in any of the divisions we have been in and haven't even sat at the top of a league for several seasons now.

This season has been no different, with good performances from key players as others settled into the team, but poor performances against teams we should have been taking more from has saw us have another average season. With the teams in this league though I think we have done well considering our current team.

With most of the team now young, skilled, having special qualities that compliment each other, and the team-work starting to improve with every game they play together, the kids could come good before their time and get us that play-off place this season. The only draw back is our defence that is still aging and coming to the end of their careers could be too leaky to achieve it.

Whatever the outcome of sundays results though, I'm sure the long term future of the Paingivers will be a bright one as the kids come into their own over the next few seasons.

2009-06-12 16:59 144 Views Reporter: Fabbyulous

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