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2020-10-29 00:05
Wilson Winners
Division 5:16
Manager: Wilsinho

Club Statement
We as a league are still campaigning for the government to allow supporters into stadiums but it now seems highly unlikely, at least in the short term. I have always been an advocate for government measures to minimise the risk of this virus to human life and nothing has changed my opinion. I do, however, feel very disappointed that the government took the action it did without seeing the outcome of the test events that were run last week. We proved that you can run events in stadiums in a responsible way, with a reduced capacity, while still being able to enjoy a key local community event.
Kudos [1]
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2020-11-24 Lara Crofts Butler Last game of the season 0 0
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2020-11-24 Bray Wanderers Final Push 0 0
2020-11-23 Assistant Important dates 0 3
2020-11-23 Suffolk Punch FC Change Report 0 0
2020-11-23 Stella Maris F.C. Young Players 0 0
2020-11-23 Samba Boiz FC Stand up for the Champion 0 1
2020-11-23 Perak Bär Jesper Dyre 0 0
2020-11-23 IFK Rambo Inca o etapa 0 0
2020-11-23 Black Watch Changes due 0 0
2020-11-22 Uppukandam FC Wins Continue 0 0

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