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2020-10-28 15:49
Gwernfadog United
Division 2c
Manager: Chippy_250

Snatch & grab
Gwernfadog United boss Chippy believes his side were robbed of a point after losing to a 90th minute goal to River Plate.
"We actually dominated the chances and held them at bay for the majority of the game. Unfortunately our midfielder had a silly red card in the 87th minute which changed the game. They had their first and only pop shot right at the end and unfortunately for us it went in! I'm gutted that this is the second time this season that a team has had one chance all game, scored and taken all three points. It really shows that when you're at the bottom your luck is against you. Whereas this unconvincing win for River plate has moved them to top of the table.
We have a must win game away at Jedi Kittens next week. We have an injury and suspension to contend with, so it's becoming an uphill battle to stay within touching distance of safety.
Our only realistic hope of survival is staying within three points of Killie, beating them on the last day and surviving on goal difference. However, the way things are going, we might not even make it until then...
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