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2021-01-19 14:05
The League Admin
Xpert League
Manager: Bohemia Prag

Press rules
The following press rules apply in Xpert Leagues and we recommend league bosses in private leagues to also use them.

Press releases should only be used for news about the team. All other discussions and messages should be posted in the league forum and not as press statements.

Examples of messages that are not press statements:
* Requests for friendly games
* League invitations
* "hi there" messages
* Requests to leave the league (Should be sent to the league boss via the mailbox)
* Questions (should be made in the forum)
* Copied texts (e.g copied system events)

Moreover you should maintain a good tone in the press statements.

Press releases in our official league systems (The Xpert leagues and The Xpert Ladies)
Breaking the press rules can result in being excluded from the league and a 2 month suspension from the Xpert leagues!

In the Xpert leagues, if a press statement is deleted by someone other than the user who wrote it, he/she will recieve five penalty points on his/her Xpert rating. Those who have the authority to remove press statements are the user who wrote it, the league admin and members of the Xpert Eleven team.
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