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2020-09-28 00:56
The Fifth Column
Division 3h
Manager: Woodstock11

A sweet talent! Hooray!
Over the last couple of seasons The Fifth Column decided to upscale the quality of their youth department.

"Yes it is all part of our restructuring and rebuilding the squad and the whole club basically. Improving on our youth department made sense and spending lots of econs to do so was and is in the realm of possibilities for a change. So the yoofs have their own campus amply named "The Butcher's Graveyard" after a well known Five Points resident. They have proper coaches and just for fun every room has an 54" television with an Xbox. Some complain it is not a PlayStation. Strange because everyone knows the Xbox is the better deal. Anyways the quality of these yoofs is improving and we can add some to the first squad which is awesome. In a dream world our outfit would consist of mostly own bred players who understand the Five Points mentality and rules. And can cope with the brutality and madness which are obviously very present here at times. But obviously these harsher conditions it also create a lively environment, hardness and strong bonds between people. Very useful on the pitch!"

Now the Fifth Column saw an exceptional player promoted to the first squad with the likes of the son of a former Dutch immigrant Baas Beelenkamp. Baas actually does mean boss in the country of windmills and free drugs at the supermarket. And Baas is a boss. At a young age the 17 year old midfielder is gifted witha surplus of some rare and powerful qualities and skills and also "The Boss" knows how find the net and make a crowd cheer. He should become a true force in midfield and a fan favorite for many seasons to come and hopefully having a key roll in the adventure of a team hunting for glory.

So some magnificent news in the Five Points. And investing and maintaining a youth department can be a tough frustrating road at times but one that can sweetly be rewarded with a true gem stands on your doorsteps!

In further good news The Fifth Column somehow ended up in round four of the cup after winning the first leg and drawing their second leg yesterday against an actual stronger regarded opponent Louth Old Boys. This is greatly appreciated and applauded as it will also be beneficial to the development to said gem and the other players as they getvmore time on the pitch.
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