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2020-09-27 22:49
Ardoyne United
Division 2b
Manager: Gingray

Football films - no 1
The Goal! Trilogy

This 300-minute marathon could well be dubbed the Lord of the Rings of professional football. Across three films, Goal! charts the story of Santiago Munez, a Mexican immigrant living in Los Angeles who works as a gardener but dreams of making the most of his outrageous talents on the pitch. His dreams come true when he wins the opportunity of a trial with Newcastle United, and while he struggles with the rain and cold of the British North East, Munez slowly makes a name for himself in his adopted nation. There are plenty of slow-motion moments and plenty of agonising last-minute goals, as Santi earns Newcastle a place in the Champions League, proving his worth. The next films see a move to Real Madrid, an appearance at the World Cup finals and, as the title probably suggests, no shortage of goals, goals and more goals. The trilogy will not be showing up on any critics' shortlists, but global takings of over $35 million for the first two films alone prove that football can bring in the audiences.
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