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2020-08-03 11:00
The Fifth Column
Division 3h
Manager: Woodstock11

One hundred thirty seven
The Fifth Column was close enough to a point last week to claim but ended up just losing 0-1 to The Legion.

"There are two more games on the throttle were we only play for DV purposes. We even had a chance to give our last standing superstar August Wagner a bit of an earlier retirement. He has been an awesome player for 250 games. An example of awesome football with great composure and style on the pitch. And also a fantastic captain. He now travelled ahead to our vacation address Alcatraz sipping cocktails and preparing for a good time when the rest of the team arrives."

As time goes by with not much to do The Fifth Column has last match opponent The UFOs to thank for some great reading tips and coincidentally it is the outfit also on a long journey to become one of the greats again. Hence this press release title.

Anyway the competition for the division title and maybe more importantly promotion is still very much undecided businesses in division 2d so the popcorn is still out to see how it pans out. Five Points fans cheer for Norax FC obviously as it is managed by Woodstocks twin brother, but they slipped up a couple of times so they will have to be sharp and pray to the X11-gods a bit for good fortune.
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