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Informacije lige - Power League

Glavna stranica: Odsutan
Broj lige: 27963
Administrator lige: Tommy_wafc
Asistent(i) lige:
Ocena lige:
Rang: Rang 932
Prosečna starost: 42 godina
Broj timova: 1016
Aktivni timovi: 357
VIP timovi: 114
Datum osnivanja: 2005-05-13
Datum početka sezone: 2020-08-27
Datum kraja sezone: 2020-11-28
Vrsta lige: Xpert Liga (Muški)
Sistem lige: 1:2
Zone: 7
Prljavi trikovi: Neaktivan
Direktni transferi: Neaktivan
Promena imena igrača: Neaktivan
Dan odigravanja utakmice: Četvrtkom i Nedeljom
Vreme odigravanja utakmice: 16:30
Otkupljeno VIP članstvo: 5x1 mesec, 2x3 meseci
VIP nagrade:
Power League (3 meseci)
Power League Cup (3 meseci)
Demografija: England: 26%
Sweden: 17%
Portugal: 13%
Scotland: 6%
Romania: 5%
Potrebe: Nema nijedne!

La Revolución Habana 53
Celtic Hoardes F.C. 52
WubbleYoo FC 51
Athletico MáKidd 50
Bladed Samurai XI 49
Bladed Samurai XI 48
Bladed Samurai XI 47
Bladed Samurai XI 46
Sharpshooter 45
Tenorio Stars 42
Tenorio Stars 41
Coverciano 40
Coverciano 39
Black Squadron FC 38
CFC Gun Crime 37
CFC Gun Crime 36
Hollowood FC 35
CFC Gun Crime 34
CFC Gun Crime 33
WubbleYoo FC 32
CFC Gun Crime 31
AC Malawe 30
Falador FC 29
Miffchaser United 28
Atletico de Madrid club 27
Celtic Hoardes F.C. 26
Rabudas e Peitudas FC 25
indonesia u-19 24
Wigan AFC 23
indonesia u-19 22
Tulsa FC 21
indonesia u-19 20
Peterlee 19
Peterlee 18
Msida sj 15
Msida sj 14
Msida sj 13
Msida sj 12
AC Boccanegra 11
Msida sj 10
Msida sj 9
La Revolución Habana 8
hv 70 6
Msida sj 5
Biceps Maximus 4
Benci Warriors 3
The Mighty Hammers 2
Samolia FC 1

Opis lige
This is an Official Xpert league which is a part of our official championship (The Xpert leagues). This league will give you a chance to make it to the Xpert Champions League and fight for a place in the Hall of Fame.

You are expected to be active and engaged to be a manager in this league. If you are absent for more than 3 weeks you will be inactivated and lose your team.

Team name changes can only be made between seasons (specifically; between the last game of the current season and the first game of the next season). The team names must be serious and decent.

Private leagues are not allowed to be advertised anywhere in the Power League. There is a forum in the Lobby called 'League Contacts' where you can advertise your own leagues. Forum posts and PR's with an advert will be deleted and you will receive penalty points.

Press releases can be made in languages other than English but if you can speak English then please do so. Press releases should not contain friendly requests. They should also not be abusive or insulting nor be easily construed as spam or pointless. We expect press releases to be relevant and of good quality.

Welcome, good luck and have fun :)
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