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Born to Lose
Division 6:25, Classic League
Manager: UKsNo1
X11 Shocker, UKsNo1 returns!
Yes it's true, Sue Palmer fainted when she heard the news. UKsNo1 has returned to the classic league (again). He didn't look at all happy when he saw the players and even less when he tripped over mole hills while inspecting the pitch but still had a smile when he faced the press.

The Press Conference was short and sweet and probably very disappointed for most of the journalists that had no idea why their editors had sent them to this run down no name club.

Who the hell is UKsNo1 they all mumbled, never heard of him! And why is that hot journalist Sue Palmer here, she hasn't covered football since, erm what was the Scandal. Did she just wink at him?

Well the question that they had all been sent to ask was why is he back again and will he stay.

The answer from the Big Man himself was quite simple....

"Well l have no idea how long I've been away. To be totally honest l had forgotten all about Xpert11 but today l got a FB notification that it was Peter Lundwicks Birthday. And old time X11 friend and it made me wonder if the game still existed so l had a peek. I was rather surprised to see it still online and after 5 minutes looking around l still recognised a few old friends some of whom l do actually miss.

"My first league was the Classic League and when l saw Daisy was back in charge l decided to pick a team and give it another go. No ambitions really, just go with the flow and see how it goes.

"And yes catch up on a few old friends that l have (wipes away a tear) actually missed.

"The only thing that bothers me is the pick a team option.... this heap of toothless fat (they were before quarantine) middle aged idiots is definitely not what l would call a team.

"But hey at least for the moment l think it's Good to be back!"

2021-03-09 10:23 1163 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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