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Best Fiver Ever!
These days what can you get for a fiver? 20 Freddos... one hour of car parking.... feed a family for four? Well Pinegrove Posse fans were getting more than they bargained for when they saw a goal thriller, all their favourite players and the best game Xperteleven may have ever seen!
One fan said afterwards, "Best Fiver Ever! When you look at friendlies you think who cares but today both players went for it and didn't disappoint. We could have even won the game but a disallowed goal stopped it. Nevertheless I am happy!"

Now I have been around for a long time and never have I ever witnessed a game like this one... 5-5 against Wanderers FC and Pacific.Panache with chances at WFC 17 - 13 PP now that is unreal alone and the conversation rates were better than the pound to euros *cough* BREXIT (Too soon....Too real). 

Manager SirWallyWilson had to say this, "What a game we had today, lets start with the negatives... we conceded five goals *Raises hand with all fingers out* What are we Palace? The defense had a shocker today simple and I wouldn't be surprised if Liverpool were planning bids for our players, Klopp are you here?." He continued and started to smile, "Now on the other hand we also scored five and this season we should carry on scoring loads, with a good depth in the squad nobody is guarnteed a spot in the team so lets get that straight."

In additional news the chairman has requested to other teams we won't be taking any friendlies for tomorrow but we will be open to a friendly when others are playing in the cup. 
Kristopher Vangberg recently made his move to the Posse for 6.7million econs this week and will be named in the starting lineup against Red Hulks. The right sided midfielder who can play anywhere across the middle line is looking forward to getting start and has been given the number 33 shirt.

Bring the new campaign on!

2017-10-03 07:52 1658 Views Reporter: Hertz_Van_Rental

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