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2022-06-22 23:04
Matchstick Men
Division 4k
Manager: TonyBrazil

"Beautiful!" Matchstick Men manager Tony Brazil spills his cup of tea and brims with enthusiasm, "Haas slips through Boulogne's massed defenders, collects a long pass and second touch buries it in the net. Five minutes on the clock and I was just settling in for a long attritional match when that happened. Good goal but goodnight my tea."

The good feeling doesn't last long as four minutes later home side Boulogne score from a free kick. The thrilling spectacle goes down hill from here as the first half becomes the predicted attritional scuffle. It gets worse when Boulogne take the lead in the 53rd minute.

"Beautiful!" Brazil is back out of his seat three minutes later as Matchstick Men pull a goal back, "Haas drifts wide with the ball taking the central defenders with him, then reverse passes back into the space created for veteran Flesnes to collect and hammer home.

"A draw, great result. I can't believe we are getting these chances against a big team like Boulogne," ponders Brazil, "unless we are in fact as good as them. Could it be so?"

Could it be so?
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