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2022-08-09 21:46
Staines Swans FC
Division 2c
Manager: Electricnaz

Swans Rise - Up to the 2nd Division
The Staines Swans tonight secured the division 3 title after a phenomenal 6-0 victory at home to Jedi Kittens.

It was heading into a final day shootout between the top two, but giantkillers Caol Ila completed the consecutive double against the top two with a surprising 3-2 victory against Blancos Fantasticos, which ruined the potential final day drama.

If Caol had started the season as they seemed to have finished, they would be in pole position, but its the Swans of Staines who go into the final round with an unassailable lead, and can now relax going into round 14 and ensure their players get the game time required.

Commiserations to Blancos Fantasticos, who will head into the playoffs, but I'm sure you'll do a great job and end up in division 2 next season.

Also weird to see that Lads and Dan then Josh, in third, can still. go down....
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