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2022-08-08 22:42
Aris FC
Division 4k
Manager: Sedgistan

Aris FC face their final league game with a decider at Estadio Lucifer to see which side will go through to the play-offs. The Aristos management have mixed feelings on the matter. On the one hand, winning and progressing onwards and upwards is the overarching goal of the club. On the other hand, losing won't be so bad as the team really isn't ready yet for the third division, and needs at least a couple of seasons more to be comfortable there.

On the other other hand, losing and watching Matchstick Men fail in the third division may be the most satisfying resolution for everyone.
Kudos [1]
2022-10-01 Revolution Numaniods Solid results. 0 1
2022-10-01 Kung Fu Hustle Hustle Show Some Muscle 1 1
2022-09-30 Matchstick Men S-Windled 0 2
2022-09-30 NK Rivalno Gornji Martijanec Press 0 0
2022-09-29 Pyla Village One Counting chickens? 0 1
2022-09-29 Champions of Sparta Form and development increases 0 0
2022-09-28 Gwernfadog United Lucky United 0 2
2022-09-28 Roker BC What's happened? 0 2
2022-09-28 Suffolk Punch FC Keeping Up... 0 0
2022-09-28 Monsters Co. Relegation looming 0 0
2022-09-28 Boon FC win 0 0
2022-09-27 FC Etoomilla Disappointed to be out of the cup 0 0

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