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2021-12-04 21:31
Captain Morgan FC
Division 5:22
Menadžer: Themichaelowen

Return to Form
The teams lack of goals this season has mainly been blamed on the poor performance of last seasons top divisional goal scorer Catriel Casiraghi, who up to now had only scored one goal in six matches. However, this week he scored both goals in the teams two nil win over Matchstick Men. Hopefully this indicates a return to form.
Kudos [2]
DatumTim Headline
2022-05-12 UC Ceares It's Time! 0 0
2022-03-24 UC Ceares Pfff 0 0
2022-03-14 UC Ceares Never ending struggle 0 0
2022-03-05 UC Ceares Job well done 0 1
2022-03-01 UC Ceares Make it or break it 0 1

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