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Presseerklärungen von Xpert League

2021-11-30 23:44
Revolution Numaniods
Division 3f
Manager: 56SHOTS

Manager 56SHOTS is pleased as punch at his team's performances up to the mid-season point, winning seven out of seven matches and only conceding one goal plus scoring twenty-five and a Cup run which has taken us so far to the fourth round but we do have a difficult away leg against Rob Roy FC as we drew 1-1 at home and without our midfielder Stephena Demol who was injured in our last league match but will be fully recovered for our next league match.
Kudos [0]
2022-08-24 Die Krausen 11 Auf ein Neues 0 0
2022-08-16 Samba Boiz FC Make or Mar Game 0 0
2022-04-27 Die Krausen 11 Finale 1 0
2022-04-27 1953 SGD Zweiter Aufstieg in Folge!!! 1 0
2022-03-21 Die Krausen 11 Hinrundenfazit 0 0
2022-01-18 1953 SGD Starker Endspurt 0 1


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