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2022-12-05 23:57
Xpert League
Manager: Hernas

One more attempt
New season, same squad, same goals, same desire.

We will try once again to reach the top spot, with the same recipe. We don't run away from the challenge and we don't want to do it the "easy" way. We are fully committed to try what until last season seemed impossible to achieve. Nobody had done it before, for sure, but we were able to overcome all odds and prove all doubters wrong.

We were the most handicapped team of the division, but we only lost the championship to the goal-difference. That says a lot about how good our management and ability are.

And we do trust we will, sooner or later, make amends to what was lost and the way it was.
Kudos [1]
2022-12-03 Elgin City Survived 0 0
2022-12-02 Masthoodet BK Ny coach 0 0
2022-12-02 Wortham FC WFC change report 0 1
2022-12-02 Mancaster United The Only Way Is Up 0 0
2022-12-02 Pyla Village One Changes afoot 0 2
2022-12-02 Gwernfadog United United get smashed on the finale 1 3
2022-12-02 FC Etoomilla Champions 0 0
2022-12-02 Wayland FC Change Report Underwhelming 0 2
2022-12-01 Jaes Almost a fairy-tale 0 2
2022-12-01 Ramshackle Glory Good luck Ajax! 0 2
2022-11-30 Revolution Numaniods Too many matches. 0 1
2022-11-30 Suffolk Punch FC Friendlies 0 0

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