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2021-06-13 10:02
Staines Swans FC
Division 1b
Manager: Electricnaz

Cup Final Fever is Welcome Distraction
The Staines Swans have reached the XL Cup Final but now have to play a balancing act with a place in the promotion playoffs at stake from Division 2c.

Despite a good season, there is a risk it could all go wrong as they travel today to play Unseen Academicals and then travel to a neutral venue to face 4th seeds Hundarna in the final as they aim to defy the odds and secure a place in the Champions League for the first time.

'It's a great place to be in, but it dilutes our priorities somewhat' said the manager.' we need to be brave, be strong, and deal with that. A number of people who managed sides in division 3 said we had no hope. I'm quite happy to now tell them to shove their comments where the sun doesn't shine. We've done amazingly well, we have three and possibly four games left before we can rest. But I am so so proud of this group. I couldn't wish to work with a better squad. '
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