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Today at 05:52
NK Umjetno
Division 5:29
Manager: Louchem

Heat Rises
After finishing 2nd in the league after an excellent season, NK Umjetno had one last chance to be promoted.  The play-in against Newpark FC was one for the ages.  After losing playmaking midfielder Arlind Sokoli to a red card early in the 2nd half, the team saw the opposition score at the 73' to go up 1-0.  Down a man and playing against a 5-4-1 formation and a team who was slowing everything down to a crawl, it didn't look good.  But somehow a laser at the 76' from Ibon Azpillaga on a set piece found the back of the net and the match was tied!  Looking destined for extra time and ultimately a shoot out, there was one last good opportunity left.  A corner in the 89' found the right leg of Ronald Miletic who somehow deposited the ball into the back of the net and gave NK Umjetno an improbable comeback victory, 2-1.  This has certainly been a season to remember and it all came down to the last it should.
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