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Today at 21:58
Newpark FC
Division 6:32
Manager: Wd10595

Newpark News has been a week now since Newpark FC joined the Xpert League with new and experienced gaffer Wd in tow and what a first week it has been !!

A quick behind closed doors friendly against the Reserve team was set up to allow Wd a chance to quickly cast an eye over the player quality he had inherited......and in fairness, despite the first team narrowly winning the game 3-2, the many looks to the heavens during the game by the wily old Scot clearly evidenced what he had initially thought in that a fair few of the players would be shown the door in the coming days and weeks.

Over his first weekend in charge, and with finances being at a premium, Wd showed 8 players the door, whilst bringing in another 8 to replace them, 6 of whom were 19yrs or under, so it clear to see that youth is the way forward for the Club.

Next up a home friendly against a slightly stronger Div 5 side - House Targaryan, where the Newpark players started the fight to be part of the Clubs future by turning in a dominant performance to comfortably win 3-0.

On the Club then being drawn in Div 6:32 for the new season, and on Wd seeing a league of rudderless / Managerless teams, he decided to delay paying for training and let his players build up form through the competitive games to come.

The first of these games was a 1st round home Cup game against top notch Div 1b side Ramshackle Glory where, as expected, Wd's side were soundly gubbed 5-0. However, the League is their focus and the season kicks off with a home game against Größe Chipmunks.

A good result is hoped for, even with Wd's side battling to meet the average age level until they are able bring in experience in all areas.
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