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Liga-ID: 364
Ligaleiter: Bohemia Prag
Liga Bewertung:
Bewertung: Bewertet als Rang 821
Durchschnittsalter: 47 jahre
Anzahl der Mannschaften: 1016
Aktive Mannschaften: 410
VIP-Mannschaften: 138
Erstellt: 2003-06-30
Saisonbeginn: 2022-05-17
Saisonende: 2022-08-18
Art der Liga: Xpert League (Männer)
Ligasystem: 1:2
Spielklassen: 7
Schmutzige Tricks: Nicht aktiviert
Direkttransfere: Nicht aktiviert
Ändern der Spielernamen: Nicht aktiviert
Spieltage: Dienstags und Freitags
Spielzeit: 20:30
Vorgekaufte VIP: 4x1 Monat, 2x3 Monate
Xpert League (3 Monate)
Xpert League Cup (3 Monate)
Cup runner up price (1 Monat)
Demographie: Sweden: 37%
England: 17%
Portugal: 11%
Romania: 6%
Scotland: 5%
Angaben: Es gibt keine!

Asdrubal Onfire 66
Prashtia 65
Prashtia 64
Prashtia 63
Wä IF 62
ProViva FC 61
Gnaget United 60
Sons of Apollo 59
Stirlingshire 58
Ballesterer 57
Ballesterer 56
Ballesterer 55
Ballesterer 54
Ballesterer 53
Ansta BoIS 52
Ansta BoIS 51
Backa Röd BK 50
One-Niners FC 49
Backa Röd BK 48
Alhambra de Reserva 47
Alhambra de Reserva 46
Maria Elisa 45
PSK Ploiesti C.F. 44
Vingrom Blue Devils 43
Bekas FC 42
Poly Lasi 41
Poly Lasi 40
FC Kevlar 39
Darmstadt Madness 38
Doktiga Grabbar 37
Bixomau 1969 36
Värmdö IF 35
Stendy IF 34
Stendy IF 33
Skryptz United 31
Skryptz United 30
Greenhill Grasshoppers 28
Club Chichas 27
Icarus Flight 26
Icarus Flight 25
NK Rivalno Gornji Martijanec 24
Icarus Flight 23
Icarus Flight 22
NK Rivalno Gornji Martijanec 21
Linkans Crazy Tigers 20
The Asa Diamonds 19
F.C.Felgueiras 18
NK Rivalno Gornji Martijanec 17
The Asa Diamonds 16
Frösö IF 15
The Asa Diamonds 14
The Asa Diamonds 13
Frösö IF 12
Frösö IF 11
Emilys I 10
Frösö IF 9
Backa Röd BK 8
Kardo Futebol Clube 7
BBN 535 6
BBN 535 5
Hakuna Matata 4
BBN 535 3
Kvastens FF 2
Kvastens FF 1

Beschreibung der Liga:
Welcome to Xpert League!


Clubnames: Should always begin with upper case letter and follow "normal" standard! Names all in CAPS not allowed! If applying with invalid clubname, your team-application can be rejected, or your teamname adjusted at any given point by league admin.

Example, valid team-names:(YES)
Xxxxxxxx XX
Xxxxx Xxxxx
XX Xxxxx
X.X. Xxxxxx
Xxxxxx X.X.

Example, invalid team-names:(NO)
xxxxxx xx
Xxxxxx xxxxx
XxXxXx Xx

- Inactivity limit: 3 weeks
Because this is a xpertleague, you have to log in once every 3 weeks at least, or you will be replaced.
If you know you will be gone longer then that, and want to keep your team anyway, you have to inform the league-admin for imunity. (9 weeks at most in any case)

- Renaming your team: Not during the season
You can only change team name between seasons, not during. That goes for all xpertleagues. The exact limit is; after the last game of the season and then before the first game of the next season. (Any other time, contact league admin for help)

Xpert League winner - 3 months VIP
Xpert League Cup winner - 3 months VIP
Xpert League Cup runner up - 1 month VIP*
(*Special custom price of free choice, introduced by league admin Bohemia Prag, only in Xpert League! Every xpertleague-admin can give out 1 month VIP/season, for a chosen category, here in XL we have chosen to give it to the runner-up in XL-Cup)
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