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League info - The J4GL

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LeagueID: 88090
League admin: RichardSP
League assistants:
League rating:
Ranking: Ranked as number 13
Average age: 45 years
Number of teams: 185
Active teams: 182
VIP-teams: 181
Created: 2007-01-02
Season starts: 2022-10-26
Season ends: 2022-12-26
League type: Private league (Mens)
League system: 1:2
Divisions: 6
Dirty tricks: Not activated
Direct transfers: Activated
Player name changes: Activated
Match days: Wednesdays and Saturdays
Match time: 14:00
Pre-purchased VIP: 4x1 month, 2x3 months
The Grum Premiership Winners (3 months)
The Grum Premiership Runners Up (1 month)
The J4GL Cup Winners (3 months)
The J4GL Cup Runners Up (1 month)
Heppenstall Champ A Winners (1 month)
Glasser Champ B Winners (1 month)
Demography: England: 51%
Scotland: 11%
Sweden: 4%
Norway: 4%
Romania: 4%
Demands: There are none!

Rumpy Rovers 64
Lithium FC 63
Untouchables 62
American Samoa 62
Untouchables 61
American Samoa 61
American Samoa 60
Grange Hill 60
Powerhouse 59
CS Berceni 59
Powerhouse 58
Powerhouse 57
CS Berceni 57
Powerhouse 56
IRS F.C. 55
IRS F.C. 54
Incredibly Random 53
1905 Chelsea F.C 52
Real Atmos 51
Real Atmos 50
Macclesfield Utd 50
Macclesfield Utd 49
Real Atmos 49
American Samoa 48
Real Atmos 48
Macclesfield Utd 47
Real Atmos 47
Macclesfield Utd 46
Powerhouse 45
Powerhouse 44
CS Berceni 43
Powerhouse 43
Willowbrae Wanderers 42
The Boys of Fairhill 41
The Boys of Fairhill 40
Mighty Minnows 39
CS Berceni 38
Galatasaray SK 38
Le Brilintas 37
Rumpy Rovers 36
Frozen Realm 35
Rumpy Rovers 34
Tivvy Townies 31
Real Atmos 30
Rumpy Rovers 29
Red Wine Rovers 28
Rannoch Rovers 27
AC Milan 26
AA United 22
AA United 21
CS Berceni 20
Real Atmos 17
Kebab Town FC 17
Kebab Town FC 16
Kebab Town FC 14
Wednesday Cricket Club 12
Stockton Rockets 11
Ribble Weldtite PCT 10
Putrajaya United 9
Kebab Town FC 9
Ribble Weldtite PCT 7
Frozen Realm 7
Ribble Weldtite PCT 6
Macclesfield Utd 5
Greenhouse 3
Canberra Raiders 2
CS Berceni 1

League description:
The J4GL. Jumpers For Goalposts. Marvellous. Always top rated. What football used to be like.

The J4GL is a VIP only league with two games a week plus a cup game.

League games: Wednesday & Saturday
Cup games: Monday
KO Time: 13:00 (UK Time)

This league is a fun, active, welcoming league that is ideal for beginners and experienced managers alike. It is probably why the J4GL has been the #1 Ranked League on Xpert Eleven on so many occasions that we've lost count and it is always among the top few. There are no entry restrictions in the J4GL, other than VIP.

The J4GL is also a serious challenge. A season currently consists of 18 league games and up to 10 cup games, depending on how successful you are. That's potentially 28 games in a little over 10 weeks.

Such a busy season represents a different type of challenge compared to most leagues. Management of form, suspensions and injuries can be quite a challenge. Sometimes the J4GL is not for the faint hearted!

This is a league where you can have fun, get involved as much or as little as you like or simply sit back and manage your team.

All members are asked to be respectful to each other and use appropriate language. Abuse of any kind and unnecessary bad language will not be tolerated. Any indiscretions will be quickly dealt with.

The Admin is regularly on line and is backed up by some excellent assistants. Any questions and queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

If there are no teams in the Job Centre then please email the Admin and we'll see what we can do.


We have a high standard of Press Releases here in the J4GL and we'd like to keep it that way. Press Releases are not compulsory but any Press Releases which are published must be original, relevant to your team and contain team specific matters. PRs must not be auto generated nor copied from either previous Press Releases for your team here nor from your teams in other leagues nor copied from system messages. Offending PRs will be removed.



There are 10 teams to each division which are arranged in six tiers.

Tier 1: The Grum Premiership (4 relegated)
Tier 2: Heppenstall Championship A & Glasser Championship B (2 promoted, 4 relegated)
Tier 3: Division 1a, b, c & d (2 promoted, 4 relegated)
Tier 4: Division 2a, b, c & d (4 promoted, 4 relegated)
Tier 5: Division 3a, b, c & d (4 promoted, 4 relegated)
Tier 6: Division 4a, b, c & d (4 promoted)


The J4GL Cup consists of eight rounds with the first two rounds played over two legs. From the 3rd round onwards games are decided over one game with one side drawn to have home advantage (like the FA Cup). Extra time and penalties will be used if required.



On 16th April 2019, The Marmite League merged into the J4GL.

The Marmite League was established in November 2007 and ran for 62 seasons.


In November 2009 the Jumpers for Goalposts League lost one of their managers. Joshua Heppenstall, 11 years old, tragically died after a short illness. Naturally the whole league was tremendously saddened by his passing. In his honour, and with the kind permission of his family, first the league's cup tournament was renamed the 'Joshua Heppenstall Cup' and now Championship A proudly carries his name.

RIP Joshua.


Early in 2011 the league lost another of its managers, Paul Glasser passing away after a short illness. Following discussions with family and friends, the league's secondary cup competition formerly known as 'The Admins Challenge' was renamed 'The Paul Glasser Trophy' and was first contested in Season 18. That tournament was discontinued after Season 32 and now Championship B proudly carries his name.

RIP Paul


In January 2016 the manager known to the league as 'Grum' passed away. Grum was a league assistant and highly regarded amongst his fellow managers. In February 2016, the J4GL's Premiership division was renamed in his honour.

RIP Grum


Season 1: Clarets Return (SrhG363)
Season 2: Richs Revolvers (claret_rgt) (League & Cup double)
Season 3: Burnley FC (RedmoleGhost)
Season 4: Butterfly Blues (KBCrafter)
Season 5: Butterfly Blues (KBCrafter) (League & Cup double)
Season 6: Swing Park United (Phonic3000)
Season 7: Scolaris Men (Nickcicc)
Season 8: Liverpool FC (Koppite1)
Season 9: Derby County (Derbylad01) (League & Cup double)
Season 10: Liverpool FC (Koppite1)
Season 11: Glasgow Rongers (RonsRangers)
Season 12: AFC Drako (Yakster)
Season 13: Rumpy Rovers (Rumpyscrumpy)
Season 14: Rumpy Rovers (Rumpyscrumpy)
Season 15: Liverpool FC (Koppite1)
Season 16: OC's Cocksure Gingers (O-Cloughie)
Season 17: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 18: RonsRampantRangers (RonsRangers)
Season 19: RonsRampantRangers (RonsRangers)
Season 20: FK Partizan (AntiRom)
Season 21: KF Tirana (Lidström)
Season 22: KF Tirana (Lidström)
Season 23: Wu-Tang Alliance (Hans_Gillhaus)
Season 24: Mansfield Town (TheBlender)
Season 25: Mansfield Town (TheBlender)
Season 26: Rozzers FC (Dosco1300)
Season 27: Asmodeus (Snagglepuss) (League & Cup double)
Season 28: Sim City (Jmc1979)
Season 29: Rumpy Rovers (Rumpyscrumpy)
Season 30: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 31: Millers Marvels (JoeTurner) (League & Cup double)
Season 32: Wu-Tang Alliance (Hans_Gillhaus)
Season 33: Wu-Tang Alliance (Hans_Gillhaus)
Season 34: Rumpy Rovers (Global01/Rumpyscrumpy)
Season 35: FC Stergan Vikings (Mrpope)
Season 36: Rumpy Rovers (Global01)
Season 37: Le Brilintas (JaThLa) (League & Cup double)
Season 38: Slam FC (Eddielaw)
Season 39: Jim The Dog FC (Legrandefromage)
Season 40: The Fighting Irish (Bouncebackability)
Season 41: The Fighting Irish (Bouncebackability)
Season 42: Willowbrae Wanderers (Dannyaston)
Season 43: Powerhouse (Stefanblanco)
Season 44: Powerhouse (Stefanblanco) (League & Cup double)
Season 45: Powerhouse (Stefanblanco)
Season 46: Lemonworld FC (CrashedCar)
Season 47: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 48: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 49: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 50: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 51: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 52: 1971 Foresters (Ytmo)
Season 53: Incredibly Random (RichardSP)
Season 54: IRS F.C. (Zelazar)
Season 55: IRS F.C. (Zelazar)
Season 56: Powerhouse (Gmcholland)
Season 57: Powerhouse (Gmcholland) (League & Cup double)
Season 58: Powerhouse (Gmcholland)
Season 59: Powerhouse (Gmcholland)
Season 60: Grange Hill (Mark_Collins)
Season 61: The Disagreeables (Rocky9999)
Season 62: The Disagreeables (Rocky9999)
Season 63: Lithium FC (Granthawksworth)
Season 64: Rumpy Rovers (Rumpyscrumpy)

Season 1: Partizan Burnley (Halfman-halfbix)
Season 2: Richs Revolvers (claret_rgt)
Season 3: The Rabid Wolverines (Gambit)
Season 4: Pendle Rollers (Mactwerper)
Season 5: Butterfly Blues (KBCrafter)
Season 6: Hastings United FC (Mcturpin)
Season 7: no competition
Season 8: Derby County (Derbylad01)
Season 9: Derby County (Derbylad01)
Season 10: Glasgow Rongers (RonsRangers)
Season 11: OCs Premier Playboys (O-Cloughie)
Season 12: Rumpy Rovers (Rumpyscrumpy)
Season 13: Rio de Gateshead (Sewell)
Season 14: Real Hemel FC (TAT02)
Season 15: AFC Leopards (Robbo_the_Red)
Season 16: Coffee Black (Hitmanhartley)
Season 17: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 18: Serbian White Eagles (AntiRom)
Season 19: Seattle Rain (Swansuite)
Season 20: Port Glasgow Rongers (Ronsrangers)
Season 21: Red Stripe Belgrade (Sam_hog)
Season 22: Perdau United (Nigelrichards)
Season 23: Svalbard SK (Stripeydonkey)
Season 24: Svalbard SK (Stripeydonkey)
Season 25: Magaluf Pimps
Season 26: AOC Champagne (Barking)
Season 27: Asmodeus (Snagglepuss)
Season 28: Millers Marvels (JoeTurner)
Season 29: Vasai (Gollamm)
Season 30: Millers Marvels (JoeTurner)
Season 31: Millers Marvels (JoeTurner)
Season 32: Millers Marvels (JoeTurner)
Season 33: Real Atmos (Robevers)
Season 34: Rumpy Rovers (Global01/Rumpyscrumpy)
Season 35: Lethal Formula (MarkKarnowski )
Season 36: Outrageous (AppleFan)
Season 37: Le Brilintas (JaThLa)
Season 38: Le Brilintas (JaThLa)
Season 39: Millers Marvels (JoeTurner)
Season 40: MK Dongs (Armunn)
Season 41: Jim The Dog FC (Legrandefromage)
Season 42: Powerhouse (Stefanblanco)
Season 43: Falcons United (Saider42)
Season 44: Powerhouse (Stefanblanco)
Season 45: Lemonworld FC (CrashedCar)
Season 46: Kellys Heroes (RebelRebel)
Season 47: Lemonworld FC (CrashedCar)
Season 48: Fenerbahçe S.K. (Sel_Ayan)
Season 49: Fenerbahçe S.K. (Sel_Ayan)
Season 50: Incredibly Random (RichardSP)
Season 51: Bougainvillea (WallyWalters)
Season 52: Bougainvillea (WallyWalters)
Season 53: IRS F.C. (Zelazar)
Season 54: Jim The Dog FC (Legrandefromage)
Season 55: Dodgy Lodgers (Spoonaldo)
Season 56: Jim The Dog FC (Legrandefromage)
Season 57: Powerhouse (Gmcholland)
Season 58: Rio de Gateshead (Sewell)
Season 59: Lithium FC (Granthawksworth)
Season 60: Powerhouse (Gmcholland)
Season 61: Mars Rovers (VelvetAndroid)
Season 62: Jaxonwood Albion (SaxonJaxon)
Season 63: Infamy Infamy (Jdsx)
Season 64: Infamy Infamy (Jdsx)

Season 50: Bougainvillea (WallyWalters)

Discontinued Competitions

Season 3: Zeus AFC (Martynkuz)
Season 4: Atletico Fatloaf (Scooter-)
Season 5: Finish Strong AFC (Dom_851)
Season 6: Glasgow Rongers (RonsRangers)
Season 7: Barlick Clarets (Lotty)
Season 8: Granika Rovers (Rumpyscrumpy)
Season 9: Cardiff City (Alex_C)

Season 12: Glasgow Rongers (RonsRangers)
Season 13: Rumpy Rovers (Rumpyscrumpy)
Season 14: Liverpool FC (Koppite1) & Real Hemel FC (TAT02)
Season 15: Liverpool FC (Koppite1) & AFC Leopards (Robbo_the_Red)

Season 16: Rawmarsh Welfare (JoeTurner)
Season 17: Aston Martin FC (Gus991)

Season 18: Rawmarsh Welfare (JoeTurner)
Season 19: Wigan Wizards (Robbie4000)
Season 20: Jossys Giants (Pulf)
Season 21: Team Ayam FC (Sir_Bock)
Season 22: Legges Eleven (Patlegge10)
Season 23: Mythical Dragons (Clich)
Season 24: AOC Champagne (Barking)
Season 25: Grumpy Old Gits (Grum)
Season 26: Les Bolton Bleus (DR-10)
Season 27: The Jam (UKReMi)
Season 28: Mighty Millers - (Ethelm)
Season 29: Grumpy Old Gits (Grum)
Season 30: Munich (Speed723)
Season 31: New York Cosmos (Lurak)
Season 32: The Corleone Family (TheGodfather)

League Motto: 'Winning is for losers. It's all about shared pain and fun.' (Lorribot, Jan 08)
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