Xpert Eleven is free to play but for those who wants a little extra we recommend to become a VIP member. You can read more about what it means to be VIP here. Important to point out is that VIP doesn´t give you any benefits in our game. The functionality and possibilities that comes with a VIP package is purely to ease, prettify and making Xpert Eleven more fun.

There are several different VIP packages to choose from. The periods of the VIP packages are from 3 months up to 36 months. If you don´t want to buy a longer period but you do know you want to be VIP, you can start a subscription. A subscription means that your VIP is automatically extended by 1 month each month. You can easily end the subscription at any time when you don´t wish to be VIP any longer.

If you are uncertain about if VIP really is for you, you can try our Try VIP offer. If you do you will get 1 month of VIP for only £0,10 or €0,10 dependant of your choice. This offer also starts a subscription for you as a user but you are not obliged to continue it at all if you don´t want to. That means you can try the offer and then end the subscription and it will get you 1 trial month for almost nothing.

Except from buying VIP to yourself you can buy VIP to a specific league. You can choose from similar VIP packages as you do when you buy VIP to yourself but you can also choose from some precustomized packages. Prebought VIP is bought to a league you are a member of. The league admin then can create league prizes with it and hand it out to the winners.

You can also buy VIP for a friend, maybe it would be a good birthday present to someone you know.

The last thing you can buy in our game are extra teams. You can read more about them here.