Team quota
The assigned team quota shows how many leagues you can join. The leagues are divided into 2 different types; Xpert leagues and private leagues. Xpert leagues are the official leagues that make up the official championship here at Xpert Eleven. Private leagues are leagues created by you or any other member here at Xpert Eleven.

Everyone has the right to join 1 Xpert league and 3 private leagues.

If you are VIP you are allowed two more teams in private leagues, that means 1 xpert league and 5 private leagues.

If you arenĀ“t VIP you can increase your team quota by increasing your xpert rating. If you have an xpert rating of 55 or higher, then you are allowed one more private league team, that means 1 xpert league and 4 private league teams. If your xpert rating is 90 or higher, your team quota will yet again increase, that means 1 xpert league and 5 private league teams.

The Xpert rating you see in the lobby and if you place the mouse pointer on the horizontal bar that shows your Xpert rating you will get information on your exact Xpert rating.

The maximum number of private leagues you can join is 5. VIP-members always have access to the full team quota regardless of Xpert rating.

Extra teams
If you want more teams than your xpert rating or VIP enables you to you have the option to purchase up to ten extra teams. Extra teams are independent of both xpert rating and VIP, this is something anyone can do. The extra teams are added to your team quota after the team quota has been calculated on xpert rating or VIP. You can purchase one extra team at a time and it will be valid for 6 months from the purchase date. If you wish to keep the extra team you have bought you will be able to renew the period with 6 months at a time. The extra team you buy increases your team quota for teams in private leagues where you are not the admin.

Remember that an extra team only increases your private league quota, the extra team is not tied to a specific team, so the day the time period runs out and your team quota is not enough, you will risk losing the team in the private league that has its season update next. However, you will be warned about this in the lobby and then have the option of leaving any private league you want without penalty points (see text below).

Inspections of team quota
At every season update all managers within that league will be inspected. If the manager doesn't have sufficient team quota, for all the teams he has in private leagues that he isn't league admin for, then his team enduring a season update will automatically and instantly be inactivated.

If a manager fails to sustain the team quota that is required to keep all teams a red warning will show up in the lobby beside teams that he/she risks losing at their next season update. The red warning will only show up if the team's season update is less than 2 weeks away. If a red warning is shown beside a team in the lobby then the manager is able to resign from any private league team that he/she has without suffering any penalty points for leaving the league. In other words he/she doesn't need to leave the team that is closest to a season update as he/she can choose to leave another team instead.