Buying players
Buying players

Players can be bought on the transfer market. The transfer market is shared with several different leagues and the players for sale are players that a real manager wish to sell. You can also get already evaluated recommended players in your mailbox that will inform you of players that are on the transfer market. The information you get about players is what the agent tells you. Some agents are more reliable than others and the only way to know if they can be trusted is to buy players from them and see if their information is fair. Therefore it can be a good idea to remember the agent's name until the next time he/she offers you a player. The player's name, age and position are always accurate but the skill level is estimated by the agent and some agents tend to overrate players. On the other hand sometimes agents underrate players and in those cases you end up with a better player than the agent suggested he/she was.

At present there are 10 different agents. A few of them are very good in estimating the skill of players and will always provide correct information. The rest of them cannot really be trusted. Their abilities to estimate the skill of players vary from not too bad to really hopeless.

To be sure that the player is as good as the agent suggests you can have him/her evaluated. This will cost 3% of the asking price, with a minimum of 5.000 econ and a maximum of 250.000 econ. You will get an instant answer and it will be 100% reliable. To evaluate a player you click the "Evaluate" button. On your "Offers for players" page you can see all of your evaluated players that hasnĀ“t been sold yet.

The following special qualities are shown on offers:

The following special qualities will be shown when you have a player evaluated:

When evaluating the player you will also receive information about how how compatible the player is with the players in your squad. There are 4 different grades of the compatibility: Poor, Fair, Good and Excellent. Read more about the teamwork values here.

Under the icon "Transfer" you will find the link "Players bought". On this page you can see the new players you have signed and the agent you bought them from. You only see the players that are still with the club not the ones that have been fired or resold. On your opponent's team pages you can see their new players but not the agents they bought them from. You can also see all new players in the league or in your series. The link to this page you find in the league menu on pages that handle league information such as the league table page.

Recommended players
Once in a while when the transfer window is open your team may get a mail about a recommended player in the mailbox. These players are already evaluated and always has a skill that is at least as high as the agent states. The recommended players also have at least good compatibility with your team. You will only be recommended players that the club can afford with current funds. So if you don't have any funds then you will not get any player recommended to you.

These recommendations will also be fairly matched towards your team considering the average skill of your squad weighted by the average age of your squad. This means that you will not be recommended a player with lower skill than a player with the same skill as your squad's average skill and same age as your squad's average age. Players with an age lower than your squad's average age are required a lower skill to be recommended and players with higher age than your squad's average age are required to have a higher skill to be recommended.

On your team's team settings page you will find that you are able to request a recommended players for a specific position. You may also choose to turn off the recommended players feature so that you never will get any player recommended to you.

Read more about the transfer market here.