The match report
The match report: If you click on a match result you will see the match report. On the match report page you get more detailed information about the match. At the top of the page you see the final result with the half-time score in between in brackets. Below the match result you see where the match was played and who the referee was. If the match had a sponsor its name or logo will be displayed roughly at the centre of the page. On the left and right hand sides you see each team's line-up. In the middle you see a list of the most important events in the game. The events listed include goals scored, injuries, substitutions and bookings. A short description of each event is shown along with the time it occurred. You will also see, if there is a goal scored at that time. Below the line-ups you see grades for each team part's performance (defence, midfield and attack). These grades are based on the actual performance but is colored by the result and achievement of the team part. Below the list of match events you see information on ball possession expressed as a percentage, half-time possession is shown in brackets. You also see the number of good scoring chances each team created during the match with the number at half-time shown in brackets. At the bottom of the page you are told who was chosen as "man of the match", one player from each team.

Toggle match reports
If you are a VIP member you will find the dropdown list containing other matches. If you look at a league match the list will hold all other league matches in your series played the same round. If you look at a cup match it will hold all cup matches the same round in the same cup played by your chosen favorite teams. From the round of the last 16 or better, then all games that round will be included. If you look at a friendly or a playoff match all other friendlies or playoff matches played by your chosen favourite teams at that time will be shown. If you click on one of the matches in the list you will end up on the match report for that match.

Tactics report
In a match report of a match in which your own team played there is some additional information. You can see the tactics you selected for the match as well as those of your opponent. You see the tactics below the list of match events. In match reports where your team is not involved you will not see the teams' tactics, but you can in this case order a tactics report for the match but this will cost you 35 000 econ

Team work values
Team work values are shown in match reports for all matches. A value is shown for every part of the team (defence, midfield, attack) as well as for the team as a whole. It shows how well the players play together within each part of the team and for the team as a whole. The goalkeeper is included in the value for the defence.

Every player has his/her own team work value. The less the difference is between these values the better they will play together. For every match they play together, both competitive and friendly, their values will move closer making them play better together.

When a team is created the players' team work values are very similar. Players who arrive at an existing club will however have a value that is totally independent of the other players' values. This means it can take some time before a new player settles in but he/she could also settle in very quickly if his/her team work value does not differ much from the others players' values.

As mentioned above team work values will be shown on match reports. The higher they are the better the players in the team or part of the team played together. For every match the values for the players that took part in the match will move closer together. The effect is greater for a particular part of the team than for the team as a whole.

The team work values shown on the match reports are based on the starting lineup only. This means that players starting on the bench are never included no matter if they play in the match or not.

Game commenting
You may place comments on the match. The two managers involved in the match can place one official comment each for the match. These official comments will be displayed above all other comments in talk bubbles. All managers that has a team in the same league system will be able to place as many comments as they wish if they are vip members. A manager that isn't a vip member can only comment on his/her own games.The managers that played the match will be notified about new game comments on the match through the team's event log.

Manager grades
The match report will display a grade for each manager's performance in the match. The grade goes from 0 to 5 stars shown where 5 stars is the best. A VIP member can see the manager grade on all match reports while a manager that isnĀ“t VIP only can see the manager grades on his/her own matches. The grade is based solely on both managers performance. In other words the result of the match is disregarded. Only full stars are shown which means that you can't see if the star is a "high" or "low" star. The grades will only be shown on matches that are less than 6 months old.