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The Fifth Column
Division 4o, Power League
Manager: Woodstock11
Red Arrow Brigade pays a visit
If your team is losing most matches and is moving down in divisions you see your stadium less filled. So much is happening for The Fifth Column at the moment. Although Hell's Kitchen remains filled at 80% at least for every home game seeing how loyal and fanatic the support is.

If anything extra visitors are always welcomed. With the one exception though; the infamous and feared Red Arrow Brigade. They seek to cause havoc at all clubs they come across and are destined to create chaos and fear. They demotivate players and even pay house visits to fans and such if you give them the time to do so.

The Red Arrow Brigade moved their ways through the smallest of cracks in an otherwise pretty solid foundation on which the beautiful Five Point club stands. It is after all The Fifth Column and these columns are well constructed also they know how to move in the shadows and thus are reasonably capable keeping out of harms way.

As said not this time though. The Red Arrow brigade visited the stadium even entered the dressing rooms of the players, the staff and manager's office and even made personal threats at player's their homes. Even the Five Points most respected and feared resident Bill Butcher and his hooligans, the American Natives, were not able to combat such a force.

The Red Arrow Brigade, after nine days of manipulation and devastation now moved on to other green, or better soon to become, red pastures within the Xpert Eleven, but the damage has be done and it has been severe.

Thankfully the Five Points is a harsh environment as is and knows how to rebuild. Counter measures already in place were activated as promptly as possible. Players morales and form have dropped immensely though. Houses were set to ashes. Favourite boots were stolen and balls were stabbed. The Red Arrow  Brigade succeeded in their everlasting mission. They set out for a bloodbath and such was delivered, as some in our universe would say; it's inevitable. They are an unstoppable force. Only pulling the plug completely and reset X11 to extinction would wipe them out completely as a certainty but who wants that and even then who would be capable.

"It is even rumoured this brigade got hold of an infinity stone. We are not able to avenge. Not for ourselves, neither for others in this Xpert Eleven realm. We are recovering though as are our men. At great price though. Economically 3 million econ already and there are long term and other less measurable effects also. We will rebuilt our morale and form for now though and over time even improve our defenses as the Red Arrow Brigade always returns and we have to be as ready as we can be."

2020-11-14 11:10 2014 Vizualizari Reporter: TonyBrazil

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