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Pro Memoria
Division 2a, Dream League
Manager: Jimmy_911
Make it or break it
Coach Jimmy_911 and his Pro Memoria has accomplished the near impossible feat in getting promoted for two seasons straight. With only hours away from the club's first stint in Division 2 in almost 20 seasons the premise is that it's a peculiar season to come for the newcomers...

The 51st season of Dream League is upon us. With merely hours away from the opening round the freshmen in Pro Memoria has a mountain to climb this season as they dive into the season as underdogs. And if there is an Xperteleven god he certainly scheduled this upcoming season to perfection...

Jimmy_911 vs BarryHero
The last season saw a new rivalry taking place between Pro Memoria & BarryHero's FC Totti United Ronaldo. The two hotheaded and bold managers fought for the Division 3 title all season long with each team going back and forth in claiming the top spot through the 14 rounds. Pro Memoria ultimately were the champions, barely holding on to clinch the division title. BarryHero easily took care of their opponents in their promotion game, and as if it was set in stone...the rivalry will continue growing with both teams getting drawn into the same subdivision.

Zeca Vizela - The everlasting superstar
Last season saw the then 33 year old legend play his first season in division 3 for Pro Memoria, since joining the team almost three years ago. Despite tougher opponents and constantly getting man marked, nothing could stop the never-ending bulldozer that is Zeca Vizela. 13 goals & 11 assists in 22 games is nothing short of astonishing, and in the first cup game of this season he almost single-handedly took care of a weak opposing team with 5 (!) goals. Is this the superstar's last season at the top, or will he constantly deliver for seasons to come...?

Lastly, we got a little chat with the man himself, Jimmy, and his thoughts on the season ahead and the future of Pro Memoria:
"Last season was an incredible experience and adventure for all of us involved with the club. We knew we had a strong squad and a good chance to end up in the upper half of the table, but winning our division? That was unexpected, to be frank. Going into this season, Division 2 and what not, I have an even more passive mindset honestly. Our defensive rock in Des Hebden retired and we had to let go of Casian Zenovie who's career unfortunately had stagnated. That leaves us in a weird state. We have some players in their last seasons of their careers, a couple of promising youths and quite a slim backbone to be honest. This year can go either way for us, and as I see it, we have a somewhat of an odd season in front of us. But as always, we'll do our utmost and in the game of football anything is a possibility."

2019-11-10 20:14 874 Views Reporter: TheMoss

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