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Kurupted FC always in my heart
After a decade of real time with this team I can now reflect on everything that has happened with this great club. Took over a team that had no econ and no players worth more than a pack of used cigarettes. Slowly I managed to create a nice little squad that would climb divisions and back then that was a real challenge as I considered getting to div 2  a massive achivement.

I remember playing one of my cup games against Belgian Blues, a super team with 16 skilled players in every position. I thought to myself that it was the most unrealistic thing ever to have such a squad and thought I will never be close to it. After that team was getting close to 30 years old I took the decision to fully rebuild my squad in an attempt to maybe one day reach division 1. As always the first seasons were long but if you have a set goal I wouldn't call them boring. I took time to bring in players I wanted and trained hard every week so was really excited to see the change reports.

Seasons passed and all of a sudden my young squad matured and it is easy to miss the fact that now your team is in better shape than the rest. I decided that my goals will be getting to XCL and to have a super player. Bought Zavoi for massive amount and nurtured him like my own son and he is a monster now! And the same goes for my team who would most probably crush the Belgian Blues from 8 years ago.

The goals were reached and all I can say now is that I am super proud of my players (youth academy coaches not really :)) and my time here. So after losing the XCL semi final against another great team I will say thank you for all the support I got all these years. What is next we shall see soon, but due to long term uncertainty another rebuild of this great club is not an option. Whatever comes it will be with a big smile on my face.

2019-03-21 23:37 3439 Vizualizari Reporter: TonyBrazil

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