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FK Radnik Roystjina
Division 2c, Master League
Manager: Janik17
Something's got it give...or has it?
FK Radnik Roystjina and CSKA Bellshill both came into Sunday's Division 3e clash looking for their first win, or indeed first points of the campaign. A victory for either side would represent a significant boost to their chances of catching the teams outside the drop zone, with a six point gap having already opened.

Radnik had a strong first half in terms of possession, though worryingly they could only convert 63% possession of the ball into a 3-2 edge on chances. This was enough for a 1-0 lead thanks to Ailbhe Mahony's 28th minute strike. However, the warning signs had been there for Janik's side and they didn't create another chance in the game, then were pegged back on 53 minutes.

The good(ish) news was it got no worse than that, but as the boss said afterwards, "if we don't start winning soon, this season is heading only one way!"

Prior to this, Radnik's early season struggles had continued in the Cup, where they were extremely lucky to progress to Round 3. Having drawn 0-0 away in their opening leg with sixth-tier opponents M4nchester Utd, Radnik were extremely vulnerable to an away goal, particularly as they once again found creating chances difficult.

M4nchester had a number of shots in the match, enough to really justify scoring, but ultimately didn't manage a goal. Their best chance came from the penalty spot on 40 minutes, but they entrusted the shot to their own 'keeper Benedikt Krapp and that proved a mistake as he put his shot wide. Radnik were struggling themselves in front of goal, the second leg ending scoreless as the first had.

That meant a shoot-out, and following the visitors missing their opening penalty (not Krapp, he had been usurped in the order by a sub by this point) Ailbhe Mahony, Denis Sforza, Leifur Gudni Rúnar and James Ward all netted for Roystjina. That meant when M4nchester also missed their fifth kick, Radnik were through to Round 3.

Roystjina boss Janik said, "we need to play much, much better than that!"

2019-01-09 23:41 1141 Views Reporter: TonyBrazil

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