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2022-05-15 17:21
Sons of Apollo
Division 3d
Manager: Gmswjambo

Trellis says No to Crypto
Gmswjambo's secretary, Mrs Trellis of North Wales, has poured cold water on the idea of converting some of the club's econ into cryptocurrencies or NFTs. She has beed reportedly quoted as saying, "I'd avoid both with a barge pole. Though my good friend Gustav Fox said that if he had to choose between the two he'd favour NFTs; that way you'd at least have a daft cartoon of a monkey to remind you of how monumentally thick you'd been." 

As for Sons of Apollo, the cup gave a chance to treat the first competitive game of the season as a friendly, with Gmswjambo prioritising youngsters and those still lingering on form around 10 in the 0-5 win over Chesterton Hearts.

1953 SGD is the first league game of the new season, and that promises to be a toughie, even with home advantage.
Kudos [1]
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2022-06-21 Kung Fu Hustle not reacharound 0 1
2022-06-21 Gwernfadog United Not so Super Reds 0 2

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