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2022-08-10 10:58
Gwernfadog United
Division 3f
Manager: Chippy_250

Playoffs out of reach
United boss Chippy has given up hopes of a playoff spot for another season after dropping more points at home, this time to Suffolk punch 2-2.
"On paper we should be beating this side 3-0. We rested a couple of players on the bench. We weren't prepared for their formation change and we went 0-1 down. In the second half I brought on my more experienced players which turned the game around 2-1. However, literally minutes later we go onto concede again. I've never encountered such a clinical side (scoring 2/3 chances).
It's a kick in the teeth to drop points to an already relegated side at home with their best midfielder missing through injury. However, our home form this season has been shocking so we don't deserve promotion. The good news is that we won't be playing them again next season.

We could slip down to fourth next week if we lose against Roker away but my priority now is player development."
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