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2022-05-13 23:59
Matchstick Men
Division 4k
Manager: TonyBrazil

New veterans raise the spirits
Magnus Nicholaisen meets the free-kicked ball and finds the Workers' net through a crowd of players to make it 2-0 to Matchstick Men. At half time though, manager Tony Brazil focussed attention on the free-kicker not the goal scorer, "big Joe Burlett joined our club a few days before this cup match and it raises the spirits to see him fit in so well, so early."

Back at home Brazil barely managed another interview with the local press, "another veteran joined the club just after this cup match. Yngve Flesnes was introduced to our players on the way back to Estadio Lucifer. He brought out some fierce Norwegian spirits on the coach and explained the drinking rituals traditional for hosts and new arrivals to his shores."

"What shores?" asks a gentleman of the press.

"Thank you, I'll have anything that is not a Norwegian spirit," shivers Brazil thinking of the long journey back, or what he can remember of it.
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