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2022-05-12 15:15
UC Ceares
Division 3a
Manager: Davidt86

It's Time!

The time came when I personally reached the wall. After 3 phenomenal seasons, we won the championship 3 times, 3 divisions and brought this team, which when we took it over was on the verge of disintegration, to high and respectable divisions.

With 3 titles in 3 seasons we have won countless individual awards and breathed life into this team again. After this season I thought a bit and came to the conclusion that I no longer have that hunger from the beginning and in the end I have no vision and no idea.

So I can say with certainty that my time of resignation has come, I hope that this team will find the coach it deserves and that it will continue to grow!

It was fun, but this is all from me in the Xpert league now, at least for now!
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