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2021-12-04 12:16
Pyla Village One
Division 3g
Menedżer: CovWhiteBoy

Keep 'em coming
They love a good Cup run at Pyla Village One. Last night's win over Tensta Goif ensures a place in the 5th round and two more chances to take a pop at those with pretensions of lifting the trophy.

Despite losing goalkeeper Ernst Bloedwijk early on, Pyla scored the first goal of the tie when Phill Hands headed in a Storm cross. The game meandered somewhat after that but Baki Guncar blasted them further ahead with 10 minutes to go. The visitors were roused and pulled one back but a free kick from Nikos Patsatzoglou calmed the nerves with the game deep into injury time.

FC Rossie will be the opposition in the next round.
Kudos [0]
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