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2021-12-02 22:43
California Surf
Division 5:21
Menadžer: Horacegoesskiing

Manager Horacegoesskiing was in an up-beat mood after California Surf's win against Insane Ukraine.

'At this stage, three points are the important thing. We have shown we can grind out results and that is important. We need to take things game by game. You can't give yourselves a points target for this league but we have given ourselves a chance. It is all about what is right for us going forward.'

If there are any lessons to be taken from a game like that, they will need to be learned before the next match.
Kudos [0]
DatumTim Headline
2022-05-12 UC Ceares It's Time! 0 1
2022-03-24 UC Ceares Pfff 0 0
2022-03-14 UC Ceares Never ending struggle 0 0
2022-03-05 UC Ceares Job well done 0 1
2022-03-01 UC Ceares Make it or break it 0 1

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